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What's New For 2008...

We Are Hoping To Have A Upper Level Clenicfor the end of October. !

We are setting up to do a BREED inspection for the RPSI. The RPSI are the initials for a german breed association Called The Rhindlsand Pfalts Saar. This registery accepts horses for thye Germand breed commonly known as the Rhinelander.

Call or send me an Email if you  want to find out about our inspection. You can Also visit the website at...WWW.RHPSI.Com. That site will give you any information on the breed, the horses and also how the inspections were for this year!!!

Send me a note and let me know what you think.

Half Pass Farm has ALWAYS beeen a suporter of the RPSI.


RPSI Is Coming To New York in 2006 ! ! ! !

We can't wait to do this inspection. Thise is a great breed !

Call me and we can talk about the inspection or the breed !


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