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The New 2009 Half Pass Farm Home Page

Well everybody, 2009 is now here!!! what a great start it's been!!!

We've just competed at the Stanhope Stables show and done wonderfully. Our studant Joan H. came in second with a score of 63.07

Look for us this seaon at Stanhope as well as several others.


Hey everybody! This is Kai at Devon 2005!!!

Look for us at many of the shows in 09!!!

Kai and Bruce made a great team in 2005! Look for us again in 2008!


is by the wonderfull Grand Prix stallion Donavan.

Soon pictures of Botticelli (Ben) and me at Stanhope!!!

Hello everybody I own the company of Half Pass Farm.  We will be doing a BUNCH of new things this upcoming season. We plan on having a breed  inspection, of course going to Devon again and teaching more students! We'l even be going to some of the Long Island shows as well !

Call me I'd love to talk to you!

What's Happining at HPF lately?

Botcelli is my new guy. Call me and I'd be glad to tell you about him!

Send us an e-mail

Horses For Sale

We have a couple of horses that we know are availible to purchase. One in Germany For 14,000$

Give me a call and I'll be glad to let you know what I know. :-)

Janai and Kaitain will be showing at training level this year !!!!

I'm going to be showing both of these guys this season.
Send me an E-Mail if you just want to say hello!

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Traning the ultimate sporthorse! HPF